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One-side cast coated board with high gloss and whiteness.


Elemental Chlorine Free
Acid Free
Heavy Metal Absence
Long Life
Premium white single-sided high gloss board.

The shiny finish of Splendorlux 1 Premium White ensures very bright printing results with excellent contrast, detail and colour saturation. It can be used without problems with the main printing systems: offset, blind embossing, hot foil stamping, thermography and screen printing.

For offset printing, it is preferable to use oxidative drying inks or UV inks. During offset printing, it is important to check the wetting solution in terms of both pH and conductivity. We recommend using isopropyl alcohol to minimise emulsion cation. For better setting and drying control, avoid using too much ink and use a dry spray powder and ink drying additives as required. When printing on both sides, it is good practice to print the uncoated side first. For hot foil stamping, we suggest using hot foils for plastic supports. In the case of particularly large printing areas, we recommend using round/flat hot stamping machines.

Splendorlux 1 Premium White ensures excellent results in UV coating. Good results are also achieved when laminating. There are no particular contraindications for converting and packaging processes.