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High gloss cast-coated self-adhesive paper and board.


Elemental Chlorine Free
Acid Free
Heavy Metal Absence
Long Life

The exceptional brightness and shine of single cast-coated Splendorlux paper guarantees truly impressive printing results.

Adhoc Splendorlux is a self-adhesive product for universal use, suitable for creating quality labels in the decorative and promotional sector. Can be used without problems with the main traditional printing systems. For offset printing, we recommend the use of oxidative drying inks. Control of the wetting solution is necessary, both in terms of pH and conductivity, and in terms of additives to keep the emulsification at minimum levels. For a better control of the setting and drying, it is advisable not to use too much ink, use anti-slip powder and the possible addition of drying additives in the ink. Good results are achieved in the main cutting and punching operations.

The self-adhesive product requires a stable temperature and relative humidity conditions (20-22 ° C and 50-55% U.R). For correct storage, it is advisable to stack the sheets (on pallet) for a maximum height of 1 meter and not to overlap the pallets. If it is necessary to cut the sheets for printing, it is advisable to use a very sharp guillotine blade with an angle close to 20°, cutting mallets not higher than 3 cm, and calibrating the pressure of the tamper to the minimum order to avoid debugging of adhesive.

The life of a self-adhesive product is closely linked to the nature of the adhesives and the frontal materials used. With the recommended storage conditions, this type of adhesive is guaranteed for a period of 18 months.