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Sheet size(mm) Weight (g/m2)

450×640 520×720 640×880

80 90 100 120

Bright white laser guaranteed offset printing.


Elemental Chlorine Free
Acid Free
Long Life
Heavy Metal Absence
Manufactured with reduced relative humidity in terms of double use with offset pre-printing and then with final printing on digital toner-based printers.

Can be used without problems with the main conventional printing systems and achieves good results in the main cutting and die-cutting operations. It is preferable not to put the toner in offset printed areas. The grain direction in A4 finished size must be parallel to the long side. The fountain solution in offset printing must be reduced to the minimum. It is advisable to use inks that are compatible with the subsequent xerographic printing (laser-dry toner). Do not use anti-set off spray powder, as this could seriously damage the laser printer.

The re-packed material, for laser-printing, must be kept for 48 hours before using it in the printer or photocopier room, in order to let it aquire the same temperature.

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