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Self-adhesive white paper with a semi gloss coated finish.


Elemental Chlorine Free
Acid Free
Heavy Metal Absence
Long Life
Modified acrylic adhesive in water-based emulsion. Adhesive is suited to a wide range of applications.

Adhoc Patty Print is a popular self-adhesive paper that is ideal for multicolour printings, when exceptional contrast and great detail are required.

Can be used without problems with the main conventional printing systems and achieves good results in the main cutting and die-cutting operations. The self-adhesive product requires a stable temperature and relative humidity conditions (20-22 °C and 50- 55% U.R). For good storage, we suggest to pile the sheets (on pallet) at a maximum height of 1 meter and not to stack pallets.

If it is necessary to cut the sheets for printing, we suggest to use a very sharp guillotine blade with an angle next to 20°, to cut the piles of a maximum height of 30mm at a time, and use the lowest pressure possible in order to prevent adhesive bleed.

The shelf-life of a self-adhesive product is closely related to the nature of the adhesives and of the front materials used. With the recommended storage conditions, this type of adhesive is guaranteed for a period of 18 months.