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To celebrate the launch of Fedrigoni Plus, we have collaborated with leading UK- based creatives and printers to create a series of explorative limited edition prints.

Each creation will use a paper from the new Fedrigoni Plus collection and will interpret the theme of addition, expansion and augmentation.





SocioDesign are an experienced design and strategy agency based in London and LA.

They help transform brands and businesses through carefully crafted design and rigorous strategic thinking.


In response to the theme of addition, expansion and augmentation, SocioDesign were inspired by how the Universe is expanding exponentially.

The design uses gradients and halftones to capture a sense of expansion. Various densities have been explored to demonstrate how the halftone reacts with the paper. A foil circle was used to highlight the centre point from which everything expands.

The structure of the piece was determined by the format and the way it folds into sections. The folded sections were used as a grid for the placement of the design elements.



Symbol Tatami
David Pearson



David Pearson

Type as Image – the design studio of David Pearson – specialises in print design where typography is the principle form of expression.

David studied at Central St Martins in London before working for Penguin Books as text designer and later, cover designer. He left to establish his own studio in 2007.

David has been listed as one of Britain’s Top 50 Designers by the Guardian and named by Debrett’s as one of Britain’s 500 most influential people. He is a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and was appointed Royal Designer for Industry in 2015.


David wanted the paper colour to be the hero of the piece – and the destination for the eye. To achieve this the vast majority of the sheet is blocked out, so that the eye is channeled from dark to light.

The resulting graphic represents a fleeting moment through a very time-consuming process to document an exploding mass of flower petals.